Why does a supplement made from tomato paste have an EFSA health claim, but not the tomato paste itself?

Tomato phenols have a blood-thinning effect. Scientifically proven in 2009, when an EFSA health claim was awarded to a concentrated extract of tomato - a dietary supplement, branded as Fruitflow. These same bioactive compounds are available in high concentrations in tomato paste and tomato products.

So, WHY NO HEALTH CLAIM for tomato paste? Or traditional tomato products like puree, passata, crushed, diced, sauces and juice?

Health Claim Project Consortium

To answer that question, The Tomato Foundation launched the Health Claim Project Consortium in 2017 - an inter-professional group of food industry, academia and research.

The project’s own research will be added to the existing Fruitflow research - and all additional study outcomes since 2009 - to build a definitive body of evidence for submission to EFSA.

A successful EFSA health claim will also automatically authorise an FDA Structure/Function claim in the USA and open the door to health claims in many other territories.

The project consortium includes researchers, universities, institutes and a growing number of tomato industry associations and companies. The Tomato Foundation is a legacy of the EC public health nutrition project, LYCOCARD - a 5 year, FP6 project examining how tomato lycopene reduces cardiovascular disease risk. We draw on this experience to approach our research and to cultivate the industrial collaboration needed to build a successful application dossier for EFSA.

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