Type 2 Diabetes and Weight loss

Ground-breaking research further suggests disease reversal through diet

An important part of developing educational tools to improve health through simple dietary changes is to monitor the most important scientific studies in diet-related disease prevention and reversal.

Results from an important new trial suggest it is possible to put Type 2 diabetes into remission using an intensive low calorie diet-based weight management programme exclusively delivered in primary care.

The first-year findings of the two-year DiRECT trial, show the remission to be closely related to weight loss. Almost 9 out of 10 people (86%) who lost 15kg or more put their Type 2 diabetes into remission. Over half (57%) of those who lost 10 to 15kg achieved remission, along with a third (34%) of those who lost five to 10kg. Only 4% of the control group achieved remission.

Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University, lead researcher of the DiRECT trial, said: “These findings are very exciting. They could revolutionise the way Type 2 diabetes is treated. This builds on the work into the underlying cause of the condition, so that we can target management effectively.”

More research is needed to find out who can benefit the most from treatments like this in the future, taking into account factors like ethnicity and duration of Type 2 diabetes.

The study seems to confirm findings from previous studies. We will be watching closely as this story unfolds further.