Why does a supplement made from tomato paste have a health claim, but not the tomato paste itself?

The Tomato Foundation aims to answer this question and win an EFSA Health Claim for Tomato Paste/Products – for improved blood flow.

Traditional tomato products - like paste, purée, passata, whole canned, diced, crushed and juice - are used in the cuisine of cooking cultures everywhere. They are tasty and versatile, and loaded with nutrients that protect our health.

We believe that scientifically proving the powerful health effects of these traditional tomato products speaks of the powerful natural health properties of whole plant foods.

For more information, please *DOWNLOAD* the Project Summary below, or contact David to get involved.

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Health Claim Video Presentation 2

A second video presentation was made during the Tomato Day meeting at Cibus Tec on October 27th 2016, showing how the work was progressing and what the next steps would be:

Health Claim Video Presentation 1

The health claim project was first presented at the World Tomato Congress in Chile in March 2016 by Foundation president, Gwen Young.

This video presents the health claim project: