We look for opportunities to collaborate with private and public sectors, colleagues and competitors - to grow and support powerful networks for change.

The Foundation supports new research that adds to our knowledge. We award grants to create innovative content that support specific needs. Our current focus includes Type 2 Diabetes and dance nutrition.

Tomato+Health aims to be the number one website and trusted authority on tomato-based knowledge.

Tomato and Health provides simple, accessible information and resources that can be shared and used and shared again. The site is neutral and independent and doesn’t carry adverts, discuss brands or use product placement.

Content is in four languages - English, Spanish, Italian and German - and is designed to work effectively across all platforms.

Tomato+Health spreads the word of the health benefits of tomatoes to the largest audience possible.

Video recipes

The foundation believes it's not enough to explain to people WHY we should eat a healthy diet.

We believe it's of paramount importance to provide accessible, entertaining content that shows HOW. That's why we support the production of simple, shareable video recipes that encourage everybody to get in the kitchen and begin cooking up a storm.

LoveHeartFood is possibly the loudest online cooking channel in existence. Aimed at the late teens to grad-student living on a budget – tasty, easy, fast.

Watch out for your speakers! Faster than fast food, super easy recipes and buzz-saw bass guitar and pounding drums.

Cooking is easy!

Watch as Pow whips up a storm in the kitchen
...and behind the drums.