Why does a supplement made from tomato paste have a health claim, but not the tomato paste itself?

The Tomato Foundation aims to win an EFSA Health Claim for Tomato Paste and Tomato Products – for improved blood flow – due to the high concentration of tomato phenols they contain.

An EFSA Health Claim will automatically authorise an FDA Structure/Function claim in the USA and expand health claim opportunities in other territories.

We are asking all companies that make or use tomato paste and all companies within the global supply chain from seed, growers, factory builders and distributers to support the Sample Study, which will start at SSICA this Fall/Autumn.

We need to raise the total fund by the end of October to begin the study this year. We are almost there.

The results of the Sample Study provide the proof required to gain EU funding for the human trials and dossier for EFSA.

Please contact David to get involved.

Please *DOWNLOAD* the document below for complete information about the project (June 2018 update):

Research Partners:

Industrial Partners:

Health Claim Video Presentation 2

A second video presentation was made during the Tomato Day meeting at Cibus Tec on October 27th 2016, showing how the work was progressing and what the next steps would be:

Health Claim Video Presentation 1

The health claim project was first presented at the World Tomato Congress in Chile in March 2016 by Foundation president, Gwen Young.

This video presents the health claim project: