#VEGPOWER campaign goes live in the UK

Doctors, scientists, teachers and chefs collaborate to inspire kids (and parents) to eat more vegetables

With the help of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver and the best doctors, chefs, teachers and experts in digital technology and advertising, the VEGPOWER campaign aims to use the power of communications to inspire the UK to eat more veg.

We know that restricting junk food advertising is critically important in tackling the nation’s unhealthy eating habits. However, the shortage of commercial vegetable advertising and its potential influence on our healthy food choices also urgently needs addressing.

“It’s time to shout about how great veg is, and how vital it is for families to buy, cook and eat more of it. But unlike all the junk food and confectionery we are relentlessly sold every day, our delicious vegetables are not “owned” by massive global brands - so they don’t get the marketing and advertising clout they deserve. Having a pooled marketing budget from retailers, producers and government is a brilliant idea - it means we can get top agencies behind the marketing of veg, which will drive up demand and boost consumption.”, said Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Advertising vegetables is important because 92% of teenagers don’t eat enough and research shows that diets high in fruit and vegetables protect against coronary heart disease, cancer and more.

The initiative is led by the Food Foundation, WWF, Food Cardiff and Nourish Scotland. This groundbreaking campaign addresses declining levels of vegetable consumption and aims to bring together farmers, retailers, fast food and restaurant chains, caterers, processors, broadcasters and government departments with a common goal of making it easier for everyone to eat more veg.

The Tomato Foundation is exploring ways to collaborate with this exciting new initiative.

The VEGPOWER website can be found HERE
The VEGPOWER crowdfund campaign page can be found HERE